Dr. Bill Clafton Psy.D., L.P., LLC

Dr. Clafton's Practice


Dr. Bill Clafton Psy.D. is a Minnesota Licensed Psychologist.  He specializes in treatment of Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, Parents and assessment.  He has been a Licensed Psychologist for 9 years and has worked in the field for 19 years.

When you call Dr. Clafton's office to schedule an appointment you will likely speak to his intake and scheduling coordinator Ellie.  Ellie can often answer the questions you may have about appointments, billing, insurance, and so forth.  However, if you would like to speak to Dr. Clafton prior to scheduling an appointment, Ellie can also assist you in arranging a time to speak with Dr. Clafton directly.  If you are not able to contact Ellie, please leave a message and she will contact you at the number you provide within 24 hours.  Ellie can also be contacted via email at: drclaftonappointments@gmail.com

At your request, Dr. Clafton will work with you and your family, medical team, educational staff or other relevant professionals that you deem important in helping to create the results you want.

Dr. Clafton is committed to providing personal, confidential and effectively appropriate methods for your needs.  He is dedicated and focused on identifying the needs of his clients and assisting them in finding solutions, gaining relief and increasing their insight.

Dr. Clafton will also utilize a strength-based approach in helping to utilize the client’s strengths as a means to navigate transitions, cope with life stresses and continue to build on identified strengths and resilience to manage future challenges.

Effective therapy must also involve fully including clients and families in the treatment planning process, as Dr. Clafton will work with you to identify a personalized, appropriate treatment plan to help achieve the results you desire.  While rapid changes through therapy are desired, Dr. Clafton also understands and has a long history of working to address more complex, long-standing issues that may require more long-term participation in therapy.